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Our newest virtual seminar is based on the principle that “better has no limit” especially when it comes to peer review best practices! The Deep Dive supplements our Peer Review Clinic and provides an in-depth review and discussion of all things peer review, whether the issue is clinical quality, conduct, health, or utilization. This seminar provides numerous experience-tested recommendations from years in the trenches, as well as substantial new supplemental materials to help your cause. Learn them, use them, and better achieve the two main goals of promoting patient safety and practitioner success!*

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Private Cause of Action

The Court of Appeals of Michigan ruled that a patient’s estate could not sue a hospital for alleged violations of the Michigan Public Health Code.  However, the court did not dismiss plaintiff’s claims that violations of the Public Health Code may lead to a rebuttable presumption of negligence by the hospital.

The court also dismissed the estate’s claim of ordinary negligence because the basis of the estate’s claim involved technical medical knowledge from which a jury of laypeople could not determine negligence.  Accordingly, the claims were required to conform to the procedural requirements of a medical malpractice action.
Estate of Allen v. Dixit

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Can our professional practice evaluation/peer review committee use e-mail to communicate with physicians about the review of clinical or behavioral concerns?

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